About Us

Our Philosophy

Northminster Preschool is non-profit and sponsored by the Northminster Presbyterian Church.  We strive to provide a relaxed, yet stimulating atmosphere in which children can learn and grow as individuals and as God’s children.  Our goal is to help children maintain high self esteem while learning socialization skills so that they feel they are competent, unique individuals upon entering public school.  To accomplish this, we present the children with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, experiences, and materials from which they may choose to enjoy within a structured environment. 






Amy Piester                                         



Lisa Williams                                        

     Mon/Wed AM 3’s

     Optional 3’s (F AM)


     Tues/Thurs AM 3’s




Wendy Mastrogiovanni and Nadine Schaller

     Co-Teach EK-Prep (M/W/Th/F AM)

     Co-Teach K-Prep (M/W/Th/F PM)


     Optional EK/K-Prep Day (T AM)  


Ready Two Grow  

Time and teacher to be announced (1 hr/1 day per week)                          




Teaching Assistants:

Rita Nigh

Pam Skonieczki


Telephone Numbers/Hours





          Church Office             754-0746

Church Office Hours 

            Mon - Fri    9am - Noon and 1pm - 4pm (Friday til 4:00)