Northminster Session

The session is elected by the congregation as the ruling body of the church to serve its' members. The session's mission is to seek to discover and represent the will of Christ as related to the day to day running of the church.

Northminster Teams & Leaders:

Session Moderator:

Rev. Rachel Helgeson (pastor)

Clerk of Session:

Kathy Close


Annalea Sinninger Drake (moderator)

Ron Feduke (clerk)

David Martin (treasurer)

Teresa Battestin

Jillian Bradley

Eileen Dahl

Anna Dunbar

Judy and Gary Johnson

Roberto Nzambo

Mary Ann Piester

Sue & David Stella


Judy Potts-Sinicki (team leader & elder liason)

Regan Beers

Suzanne Erle

Janet Gilligan

Birgit Nicolaison


Chris Roode (music director & team leader)

Barbara Gannon (elder liason)

Tat Baine (organist staff)

Donna Prikazky (children's choir)

Christian Ed:

Chris Sablich (team leader & elder)

Wayne Long

Sue Stella

Betty Sullivan

Sunday School:

Teresa Battestin (sunday school superintendent)

Chris Bishop

Nicole DoBell

Kay Hooper

Chris Sablich

Debbie Sablich


Junietta Brooks (team leader & elder)

Peter Candorelli

Membership & Fellowship:

Diana Nogaret (team leader)

Mary Barb Martin (elder liason)

Kathy Close (clerk)

Donna Cunningham


Jack Moses (team leader)

Sam Lupo (elder liason)

Val Brown

Lynne Frehsee

Diana Nogaret

Jeff Smith

Presbyterian Women Board:

Donna Cunningham (PWC moderator)

Muriel Herzig (outgoing PWC moderator)

Barbara Gannon (elder liason)

Dannie Dobell (treasurer)

Teresa Battestin (mission)

Jane Cannon (communication)

Betty Jean Tronkowski


Jack Moses (team leader)

Judy Potts-Sinicki (elder liason)

Regan Beers

Junietta Brooks

Annalea Sinninger Drake

Diana Nogaret

Finance & Stewardship:

David DoBell (team leader & elder)

Jeff Smith (president)

Dick & Danny Dobell (treasurers)

Val Brown

Young Hui Amend

Lynn Frehsee

Bill Crawford

Planning & Property:

Gary Battestin (team leader)

Jeff Smith (elder liason)

Bill Crawford (staff)

Gene Brown

Nate Brown

Northminster Preschool:

Amy Piester (preschool director)

Mary Barb Martin (board member & elder liason)

Lynn Bradley (board member)

Wayne Long (board member)

Tech Team:

Greg Amend (team leader)

Scott Selby (elder liason)

Bill Crawford (staff)

Wayne Long (webmaster)

Nate Brown

Annalea Sinninger Drake

David Martin