At Northminster Preschool we strive to provide a safe nurturing atmosphere in which children can explore and utilize their skills to foster their growth and development.


Northminster Preschool is non-profit and sponsored by the Northminster Presbyterian Church. We strive to provide a relaxed, yet stimulating atmosphere in which children can learn and grow. Our goal is to help children maintain high self esteem while learning socialization skills so that they feel they are competent, unique individuals upon entering public school. To accomplish this, we present the children with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, experiences and materials to enjoy within a structured environment.


  • To encourage growth in personal competence and self discipline, as well as the socialization skills of giving, sharing, taking turns, and group behavior.
  • To offer children the opportunity, through play, a variety of experiences in storytelling, the arts, music, games and dramatic play.
  • To provide an environment that fosters positive self-identity and a sense of emotional well-being while recognizing and addressing each child’s individual strengths and needs.
  • To provide a rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum in which knowledge is presented at a level where each child is encouraged to think, reason, question, and experiment.
  • To provide rich and stimulating activities that will promote language and literacy development.
  • To enhance physical development and skills and encourage sound health safety and nutritional practices.
  • To teach the children to respect all types of individuals regardless of their sex, race, culture, or religion.
  • To foster a partnership between home and school through multiple means of two-way communication.


Director: Amy Piester


  • Adrienne Brown
  • Wendy Mastrogiovanni
  • Nadine Schaller
  • Lesa Williams
  • Amy Piester

Teaching Assistants:

  • Susanne Mertens
  • Pam Skonieczki

Preschool Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 3:00pm following Maine-Endwell School Calendar

Preschool Office Phone 754-0747


Church Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 9am - Noon and 1pm - 4pm

Church Office Phone 754-0746